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Hello, my name is Ben MacFarlane.

At the moment I work full-time in a busy London hospital – but in the past I’ve worked in hospitals and medical centres all around the world.

Over the years my colleagues and I have looked after some extraordinary patients – including a lovely old lady who mistakenly took ecstasy rather than aspirin on a cruise, a teenage boy who fell off a hotel balcony trying to look in a bar maid’s window, a model whose boob job went badly wrong in Brazil, a family who fell off the back of a ski mobile visiting Santa in Lapland – the list could go on and on!

I’ve recently had the chance to explain how dramatic and exciting a travelling doctor’s life can be in two books: Holiday SOS: The Lifesaving Adventures of a Travelling Doctor and now Cruise Ship SOS: The Lifesaving Adventures of a Doctor at Sea. They’ve both had great reviews and I’ve already got plenty of ideas and experiences for a third instalment.

It would be great if you clicked on the links above and bought a copy. If you enjoy reading them it would be fantastic if you told your friends and fellow holidaymakers about them as well.

In the meantime, thanks for coming to my website - and I hope all your holidays are safe, memorable and exciting!

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Since publishing Holiday SOS and Cruise Ship SOS Ben MacFarlane has been on Midweek on Radio Four with Libby Purves and on the Travel Clinic on LBC with Simon Calder. He has also been interviewed on Radio Five Live and on Today FM in Ireland. He has appeared on The Travel Channel, written travel health articles for the Mail on Sunday, spoken at the Adventure Travel Live Show in London and answered readers’ travel queries in Daily Telegraph web chats. He is always happy to write more columns or articles on holiday and travel health. Click here to email him.

Praise for Cruise Ship SOS:

‘The perfect read for your next cruise.’ Ginny Buckley, The Travel Channel.

‘Four Stars.’ The News of the World.

Praise for Holiday SOS:

‘Editor’s Choice.’ The Sunday Times.

‘Packed with tales of derring-do, a riveting read.’ The Independent.

‘Possibly the funniest modern cautionary tale. Hugely entertaining and warmly written.’ The Lady.

‘A barn-storming account.’ Libby Purves, Radio Four.

‘Eye-opening and entertaining.’ The Press Association.

‘Will have you engrossed.’ The Sunday Herald.

‘Shocking, moving and at times very funny stories. An eye-opener for any holidaymaker.’ Now magazine.